About MySkincAir




The MySkincAir line and technology was created by international beauty expert, Marc Harvey, with the help of some of the nations top plastic surgeons, dermatologist and organic chemists. Marc Harvey’s tenure and experience in the skincare and beauty industry is vast, spanning over 15 years. He has been Global Ambassador and Head of Research & Development for several cosmetics lines , including Luminess Air and Taiwan-based , Elementwo Pro (which he created and co-founded). He also created MHB Cosmetics which features botanical-based airbrush cosmetics and skincare. He is truly the beauty authority as it pertains to airbrush technology and product ingredients. He was an on- air beauty ambassador for HSN and The Shopping Channel Canada. As a makeup artist, many celebrities have relied on Marc for his keen eye to detail and his soft aesthetic. Marc says “The key to seamless makeup is skincare. The skin should be the star, not the makeup” . His clients include: Fantasia Barrino, Rolanda Watts, Susan Lucci, Tamar Braxton, Cynthia Kirchner, Vivica A. Fox, Nia Peeples, Maria Menounos, Regina Bell, Adrianne Maloof, Jennifer Elise Cox, Jennifer Coolidge, Lisa Raye McCoy-Misick, Nicole Murphy, Carol Alt, Chanel Iman, Debra Lee, Bella Twins, Yolanda Adams.

Marc Harvey created the MySkincAir line for every demographic. He worked with doctors and chemists to create this skincare line which is perfectly pH balanced, and synergistic. MySkincAir’s patent-pending pH Technology is why these products are amazing for all skin types. A CEO for one of the cosmetic lines Marc once worked for said that “a certain under served demographic didn’t even buy their product. So why cater to them?” Upon hearing this, Marc made it his goal as a beauty expert to create products for EVERYONE. Women, Men, Teenagers, EVERYONE! No one has been left out with MySkincAir. It is one of the most effective organic skincare lines on the market. MySkincAir gives its users RAPID RESULTS due to its amazing absorption science. These products are light as AIR, versatile, travel friendly, non-greasy and fragrance free.



MySkincAir is a gender neutral, at-home oxygen powered skincare regimen featuring organic acne and anti aging treatment. Its customization is like no other brand in the market. MySkincAir was created by top chemists and dermatologists to create a facial system which is perfectly pH balanced and synergistic. It features daily skincare, daily beauty and as needed treatment via the oxygen facial system. The skincare products are serum based featuring hyaluronic acid, organic, vegan ,with no paraben, or sulfates. You get the immediate benefit of all the amazing phyto-nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins infused directly into the pores and channels. MySkincAir’s patent-pending A.I.R. Technology is why these products are amazing for all skin types. A.I.R. Technology is Anti-Inflammatory Response technology. This technology employs organic chemistry and uses specific ingredients in a synergistic manner that supercharge one another to immediately rid the skin of inflammation, leaving your skin clear, balanced, smooth and youthful.