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SPA PROFESSIONALS EARN MORE MONEY TODAY! Are you offering the latest in skincare treatments? When was the last time you added a totally new category of services to create an extra revenue stream?

From Madonna to Naomi Campbell, Oxygenated Facials have become the “go-to” skincare treatment for instant and amazing results! Over time, these non-invasive facials help to dramatically improve and correct a multitude of skin issue. This treatment uses oxygen under pressure, making the patient feel a cool bubble of air on the the skin. The bubble then works to push and infuse phytonutrient and organic serums into the skin (see videos). These serums are loaded with hyaluronic acid, vitamins, antioxidants and actives. This instantly makes the skin look smoother, kills bacteria, fights environmental free radicals, exfoliates, plumps fine lines and wrinkles and breaks up hyperpigmentation to brighten and lighten skin.

The PhytoOxygen Facial is the next generation of oxygenated facials with customization treatments. It’s patented-pending technology uses MySkincAir PRO oxygen powered, super hydrating cleanser plus phytonutrient treatment infusion that provides a RAPID RESULT solution for acne and aging. The actives in these serums are nothing short of magical. The MySkincAir PRO serums were created and tested by top beauty experts, dermatologist and chemist. These serums infuse the skin with the highest quality organic fruit extracts, botanicals, and oils in the world. Antiquated facials are a thing of the past. Have your clients looking like the stars they are with the PhytoOxygen Facials. The MySkincAir PRO product line can also used with and after microneedling services. The amazing serum based products are super healing and work in tandem with the microneedling to specifically target the issues of acne and aging

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